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Introducing Dr. Susanna Søberg

Pioneering the Future of Health with Cold, Heat and Breath.

Renowned for her 10 years of groundbreaking work in metabolism and the transformative power of cold, heat, and breath, Dr. Susanna Søberg has dedicated her life to the pursuit of optimal health. With a Ph.D. in metabolism, she's pinpointed a precise balance of thermal exposures to harness immense health benefits. Dive deeper into her journey, her research, and the life-changing protocols she's developed. Learn how she's empowering thousands to overcome stress, depression, fatigue as well as better physical health.


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Curated from Dr. Søbergs' pioneering research during 10 years, this program offers a thorough grasp of cold, heat, and breathwork therapies. Equip yourself with expert knowledge, teach with confidence, and prioritize safety. Ideal for both experienced coaches and enthusiastic beginners, this course is a cornerstone in thermal therapy education.

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Discover dr. Søberg’s science backed approach to disease prevention and better health & performance.


Crafted by Dr. Susanna Søberg, Thermalist® taps into the power of cold, heat, and breath. It awakens our natural defenses, boosts metabolism, and restores the balance between body and mind. The cure for our modern lifestyle diseases is already here! Experience and learn physiology and biochemistry in every day language with actionable tools! This is health as nature intended it for optimal human potential.


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The work you are doing is very important. As an interventional pain management physician I am always looking for non invasive ways for patients to improve their health and pain.
— Matthew Pouliot
Dr. Søberg you have helped me so much with my new cold water plunge routine. I look forward to learning more about the optimum time to increase my metabolism, eliminating weak mitochondria and more. Thank you!
— Mark Strauss
Thank you from Australia! I am excited to learn more and love the work you are doing. I have started cold plunging for the past 10 weeks and noticing benefits but also dealing with problems such as reynauds and chilblains. I hope I can learn more to help me on my journey
— Lisa
Thank you for making the science of beath, cold and heat so accessible. Looking forward to becoming your first instructor from South Africa.
— Ronen
My husband and I love your work. We've done Bikram since 2008 and now I'm teaching it. Your work in cold is of great interest and you've inspired us to put in a cold plunge. Thank you!
— Karen
I am fascinated by your knowledge of metabolism and all things hot and cold. I am on my own wellness journey that includes nutrition, cold plunge and infrared heat.
— Daniel
I find your work really interesting. It supports my work as a cold water therapy coach, breathing coach and menopause wellbeing practitioner. I'm interested in your Thermalist Instructor Course as well, so want to keep up to date with your work. Thank you
— Marianne
Thank you for providing us with more science and information. I really hope to in the future join your courses and become a thermalist myself.
— Laura Graversen
The principles that you endorse have proven very effective for our family's health and physical performance
— Mark
I first learned of you from Peter Attila's Podcast. I was so intrigued by your work. Thank you!
— Sharon
Thank you so much for all of this incredible information you put on. From the first time that I erased myself in an ice bath I went in to total shock and had no idea about the physiological effects that were occuring. After reading your first book and listening to many of your podcasts I now use this information to help men tackle mental health issues in my Men's group events.
— Daryl
Love your story, heard you on many different podcasts and you got me talking cold showers and talking about it to many of my patients. Keep up the great work!
— Mayoor
I love how you really care about people's health
— Jack
Glad to support your work as it has already made mine and my families life better!
— Dave
I run a sauna and cold plunge business in New Zealand and love your work. Thank you for sharing this knowledge in a digestible way.
— Cameron
I'm sincerely hoping your information on the thermal therapy will help my wellness journey post pulmonary embolism
— Jayme
I'm excited to learn more about the cold water immersion and breath work. Looking forward to learning more about the instructor program.
— Vicky
You have changed my life and I'm hoping I can change others using your information. Thank you
— Sam
Thank you for sharing such vital data in actionable ways!
— Melanie
I love your thoroughly evidenced approach while communicating effectively without scientific jargon. Thank you
— Stu

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