certified Thermalist® Instructor

Sylvie Michaud


Sylvie Michaud

Education level
Thermalist Master Instructor

Professional Goal
Become the reference point for well-being. Inspire personal growth and promote self-care by offering a transformative and holistic experience. Through our nurturing well-being services and inclusive approach, we are committed to empowering all individuals to take care of themselves and rediscover their inner source. Give each person the freedom to connect with their original source

Attending Jolie Vie Wellness Retreat was a truly transformative experience. From the moment I arrived, I was enveloped in an atmosphere of peace and serenity. The diverse range of holistic services offered, from rejuvenating treatments to enriching mindfulness workshops, provided me with the perfect opportunity to reconnect with myself and prioritize my well-being. The knowledgeable and caring staff guided me through every step of my journey, ensuring that I felt supported and empowered throughout. Leaving the retreat, I felt refreshed, renewed, and equipped with valuable tools to continue my personal growth journey. I cannot recommend Jolie Vie Wellness Retreat highly enough for anyone seeking a profound and nourishing wellness experience

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