World Health Organization data reveals that

25% face mental health challenges globally, while cardiovascular diseases reign as the number one killer — both echo the dire need to address inflammation, the root cause of physical and mental ailments.

Dr. Susanna Søberg's cold and heat therapy programs offer a beacon of hope against this backdrop of physical and mental health challenges. These therapies, grounded in scientific research, have shown promising results in improving physical and mental health. By stimulating the body's natural stress response in a controlled and safe environment, individuals can learn to manage anxiety, enhance mood, lower stress and foster a more resilient mental state.

15 scholarships awarded in 2023

21% mental well-being improvement

Participants in the 3-week Thermalist program saw a significant improvement in mental well-being, going from an initial rating of 6.9 to an impressive 8.4 within three months.

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Transform your life with Thermal Therapy: Join the Scholarship Initiative

Experience the transformative power of thermal wellness with our scholarship. Discover how to recalibrate stress, elevate mood, and reclaim control over your physical and mental health. This is your invitation to step forward—apply for the 3 Weeks Thermalist Cure course and begin your journey to well-being today.

Empowerment Through Partnership

A Benchmark in Thermal Wellness Research

Your organization can be a pillar of change in the physical and mental health landscape by supporting our scholarships. A partnership with The Søberg Institute not only aids those in need but also amplifies your corporate social responsibility, enhancing your brand as a champion for community wellness.


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